To help maintain the effects of Profhilo we recommend that you have a treatment every 9-12 months.
Profhilo is not a filler, but a HA (Hyaluronic Acid) gel, which bio-remodels your skin to treat its laxity. It is an ultrapure grade hyaluronic acid, produced through a patented bio-fermentation process which ranks worldwide as “top quality” in terms of purity and safety.
The formulation of HA with different molecular weights contained in PROFHILO is based on a concept of Hydrolift Action. This innovative approach is aimed at counteracting the reduction of HA in the skin, restoring elasticity and skin tone and deep hydration with the mechanical action of lifting the skin.
It is intended for tissue remodelling, improvement in skin laxity in the face, neck and body. It is a temporary treatment and the Hyaluronic acid is completely broken down within the skin leaving no trace.
Profhilo is the latest skin tightening treatment used in facelift treatment. It helps you overcome the problem of facial ageing, making you appear younger. It is made of 100% HA and is unbelievably effective in nourishing dermal cells and restoring natural firmness of the skin. It helps to get rid of crepey skin by hydrating it from inside out.
It can be used in the Face, Neck, and Décolletage. On the body it can treat the Hands, Upper Arms and above the Knees.
Anyone from their 30’s onwards who want to keep their skin strong and in good condition, and those that have started to notice the first signs of skin laxity, or have visible signs of ageing skin. These are the ideal times to start preventive therapies to accommodate the loss.
As we age we start losing significant collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin after the age of 30. In some, the tissue quality has dropped more rapidly and they may look older than their actual age. If you feel the quality of your facial tissue has started to become lax or is drooping significantly or maybe you are looking older than your age, you should consider this treatment option – as this is where Profhilo fits beautifully.
In younger people, it can have a more of a preventive effect by strengthening the skins collagen and elastin, and by increasing its hydration.
Consultation is very important, if there is significant volume loss or deep folds are present as well as laxity, then treatment with Profhilo initially will replace lost collagen and elastin, strengthening the skin. This in combination with other options like dermal fillers after for volumisation, once the skin has regained its strength and hydration can have much better results than maybe with fillers alone.
Profhilo = dermal scaffolding.
If you are new to cosmetic injectables and want a more subtle look than fillers, or you are not ready yet to have dermal fillers, Profhilo may be the best treatment for you. In some circumstances it may be considered by your practitioner that the quality of your skin may need to improve before introducing other treatments. Profhilo actually compliments all other aesthetic or cosmetic procedures by significantly improving the tissue quality, tightening it and giving support to the structures underneath.
A course of Profhilo involves two injectable treatments spaced four weeks apart. You can expect to see a gradual intense hydration, improvement in lines and tightness of your skin. After eight weeks is when you will see the most improvement with a lifting and tightening of the skin – it is more hydrated and appears more youthful and in better health. Some patients have reported an immediate improvement after treatment. Overall, you can expect increased firmness, elasticity and an overall improved quality of skin, with the effects lasting up to six months or longer.
A treatment with Profhilo is two sessions spaced approximately 4 weeks apart. In some extreme cases of laxity a third session may be recommended.
The effects are temporary and repeat treatments of 1 or 2 sessions can be carried out from approximately 6 months onward in order to maintain the results.
Profhilo diffuses within the tissue after injection and over the period of 4 weeks after each injection, it stimulates 4 different types of collagen and elastin. You will start to see improvements after 4 weeks of the first treatment; however the best results are normally 8 weeks after the first session.
As with every treatment, results will vary from person to person and depends upon the degree of correction required, your age and lifestyle, and to your body’s response to treatment.
You will of course need to have a face to face consultation to assess the best treatment for you individually. If you have recently had any other filler or toxin treatment in the same area, you may need to wait before having Profhilo. This will all be discussed in your consultation.
In order to reduce the risk of bruising please avoid alcohol, and if safe for you to do so avoid anti-inflammatories, aspirin, and food supplements that cause blood thinning, unless these have been prescribed by your doctor.
Do not wear make-up on the day of treatment.
From a safety perspective, Profhilo is highly biocompatible, owing to the fact that it is made from natural hyaluronic acid and stabilised without the addition of chemical cross-linking agents.
It is considered to be safe, effective and “a true breakthrough” in anti-ageing medicine.
Due to the high purity of this product and absence of additives, Profhilo offers greater safety and reduced side effects.
As with any injectable product there is always a risk of bruising. There may be some bumps, swelling or erythema at the injection sites which normally resolves in a few hours. In some cases this may last for around 24 hrs.
You can usually return to work immediately after treatment, however you may have some slight swelling or bruises.
- Do not touch or apply make-up to the area treated until the next day to avoid infection from bacteria transferred.
- Avoid exercise for 48 hours
- Do not expose yourself to high / low temperatures
- Do not have any other cosmetic treatments to the area for 4 weeks after each injection
- Avoid UV exposure and wear an SPF 30 minimum
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