Laser Genesis(Skin rejuvenation)


A gentle heat is produced which targets superficial vessels coagulating the blood within the vessel therefore reducing any redness.
Laser Genesis is scientifically proven to produce collagen which helps minimize fine lines & wrinkles improves skin texture and also tightens pores because of the collagen produced.
The heat produced penetrates deep into the dermis stimulating the fibroblasts cells to produce more collagen therefore improving the skin texture and reducing fine lines and imperfections.
A course of five to six laser genesis treatments is recommended as the effect of each treatment is subtle but after a course of treatments the results are amazing. It is important to back this treatment up at home with the recommended products.
A gentle heat is felt which is very pleasant just like sunbathing. Aloe Vera gel is applied afterwards to hydrate the area and the slight redness will subside within a few hours.
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