I.s Clinical Skincare Products

iS Clinical, the exclusive brand from  INNOVATIVE SKINCARE, is comprised of exceptional, long term “results oriented” anti-aging and optimizing skincare formulations. Doctors and Scientists meticulously design and create products that conclusively deliver rapid and safe, long term, positive results.

Our Multi-Tasking Products address skin issues like: Dry/Dehydrated, Acne, Anti-aging, Rosacea, Burns & Scar tissue, Cancer patients, Pigmentation and Sun Damage

Gentlemen’s Deep Cleanse Refresher Facial

This deeply cleansing therapeutic facial is designed specifically for the skin-care needs of men, addressing ingrown hair and razor burn. Deep pore cleansing clears the skin and a relaxing massage helps relax tense muscles, followed by a suitable Mask. (Allow 30mins )


iS Clinical Harmony Cancer Care Facial

A soothing & revitalising facial helps create vibrant healthy skin, incorporating powerful antioxidants, essential vitamins & penetrating hydrators restores skin. It addresses important issues such as acne, chafing, uneven complexion, burns and scar tissue. ( Allow 45mins )


Red Carpet Facial Peel

Known in Hollywood as the best! This intensive clinical treatment is designed to resurface the skin, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles & deep cleansing blocked pores. Followed by a relaxing face & neck massage using a rich massage cream. Precise combinations of two professional treatment masks are complimented by serums and creams with aromas of warm cinnamon and cool peppermint combined with a relaxing scalp massage. (Allow 75mins)


iS Clinical Eye Bright Treatment

A luxurious treatment, Eye Bright targets the special needs of the delicate eye area by employing a distinctive selection of iS Clinical products that help reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles, encourage microcirculation provide maximum hydration, calm, soothe, and firm. The net effect is a brightening of the eye area for a healthier looking complexion. (Allow 30mins)


Deluxe Facial

A specilised facial adapted to suit your skin type. Brightens dull, dry, tired skin, plumping fine lines & wrinkles, deep cleansing oily, congested skin leaving the skin refreshed and glowing. The skin is cleansed, analysed and exfoliated using specialised products containing glycolic acid which brightens and smoothes the skin, folllowed by heated mitts to assist in black head extraction and a relaxing face, neck and decollete massage using a luxury massage cream to nourish the skin. A specialised mask is applied to treat each individual skin type and a relaxing scalp massage while the mask is working.

(Allow 1hr 15mins)


Swift Radiant Facial

This is the perfect facial if you don’t have much time to spare but are in need of a lift. Consists of a double cleanse, skin analysis, an exfoliation to get rid of any dead/dull skin followed by a suitable revitalising mask which includes a relaxing scalp massage while the mask gets to work. This will leave the skin feeling fresh and recharged. (Allow 30mins)


Thermal Auricular Earcandling

Thermal Auricular Ear Candling – Safe and effective treatment for sinus, migraine, buzzing in the ears, neck & head pain, naturally cleans ear channels, improved nasal breathing and improved sense of smell, gently removes hardened wax and fungus deposits, relieves tension in the head, helps TMJ – Temporal Mandibular Joint, re-balances the auricular pressure after air-flights, mountain stays & under water diving, Soothing & Relaxing Treatment.

(Allow 45mins)


Teenage Facials

(Maximum Age – 19yrs)

Using Australian Body Care products – A thorough consultation is given, followed by a deep cleanse where acne, spots, blemishes, blackheads and dry skin is treated. Skin is massaged using treatment oil, followed by a mask containing Tea Tree oil and lavender. (Allow 30mins)