Apillus Electroloysis

The first computerised Permanent Hair Removal Machine in Donegal. This is a comfortable, relaxing, painless method of permanent hair removal. Ideal for those who are unsuitable for Laser with fair, white or red hair.

5 mins €12
10 mins €22.00
15 mins €27.00
20 mins €32.00
30 mins €42.00
40 mins €52.00
1 hour €77

Rita Roberts Advanced Red Vein Removal

This treatment involved the removal of broken capillaries (red veins), Skin tags, millia (white heads), keratosis, papillomas and any minor skin blemishes from the skin. The area is treated by a very low current of diathermy

Broken Capillaries (20minute Session) €60.00
Small Skin Tag From €60.00
White Heads (Millia) 20min €60.00