Treated for Leg Veins·

I had a lot of thread veins on my legs and they looked very bad. ·I had Laser treatment done and it was a very good success. ·The staff were very friendly and helpful, and that is the reason I came back to have more thread veins removed from my ankles. ·I am very please with that I had done. ···


Facial Treatment·

I visited Genesis Clinic for a facial treatment and was delighted with the treatment I received.

  The staff were friendly, were very informant and I found it very easy.  


Treated for Skin Tags·

I had two skin tags on the left eyelid for years.  After one session at Genesis they were removed pain free with no scarring.


Various Beauty & Laser Treatments·

Always receive first class service, treatments are fantastic, fantastic variety and everyone of the treatments I have received have been excellent.  Staff are always friendly and on hand to help and provide information.  Excellent and First Class Service!


Treated with IS Clinical Skincare Products

Fionnula has been a client for 2010.  Her main concerns were her skin, in that she suffered from Rosacea.  Fionnula wanted to get this under control and has been using the IS Clinical Skincare Range.···

Fionnula’s Conments – “When I first sought treatment for Rosacea at Genesis, I couldnt have predicted that by following a set course of treatments and products my skin and my Rosacea would change forever.  By combining Fire & Ice Peels with follow up home maintenance it did and has kept it well under control.  I use IS Clinical Cleanser, followed by Proheal, and at night White Lightening and Moisturizing Complex.  Also Active Serum which exfoliates.  My fine lines are gone and Rosacea is under control.  

I recommend it highly and call it a Miracle in a bottle.”


Treated with IS Clinical Products

Maria has been using IS Clinical products since March 2012.  There is a great improvement in her skin and redness has been reduced with the texture much more smoother.···

Maria’s Conments – “Having started a range of treatments/products for treating my rosacea and redness, I have found a dramatic change to the look and texture of my skin.  Having had Laser Genesis treatment in the Clinic and following the treatments programme at home, I find it more managable and with added benefits of smooth and younger looking skin.  I find the products work and with instant effects.  I would highly recommend the investment into the range of ‘IS Clinical’ Products.”


Treated with Laser Genesis for Stretch Marks

“After I had my daughter I had stretch marks on my breasts .  I have never been able to wear low cut tops or dresses for years.  I hated going on holidays or wearing a bikini.  Since having Laser Genesis all that has changed.  The stretch marks are almost gone and I feel much more confident in myself and I am able to wear low cut tops.  A big thank you to the girls at Genesis Skincare & Laser Clinic”.


Treated with Laser for Leg Veins

“I am a keen golfer and could never wear shorts or a skirt because of the veins on my legs, since having only four treatments with laser my veins are barely visible.  I am so delighted with the treatment and look forward to going on a summer holiday where I can wear shorts again.”


Treated with Laser for Leg Veins

“In a word brilliant!  I feel confident wearing skirts after years of hiding my legs.  I only wish I had heard of this treatment sooner.  The staff were great, very informative and easy going.  I highly recommend it.  It is a small price to pay for self esteem.”


Treated with Laser for Hair Removal on Upper Lip

Thank God for laser, I have suffered with unwanted hair on my upper lip since puberty and it has really affected my life.  I was always very conscious of it and felt I was the only one in the whole world with this problem.  Since having laser it has really changed my life and I have so much more confidence.  My advice to anyone with this problem is to go and get a consultation done for laser to see if you are a suitable candidate.


Treated with Laser for Rosacea/High Colouring

“Covering my cheeks and nose every day with make-up to hide the redness was such a chore, which I have been doing for 15 years.  Since having laser done I do not have to do that anymore.  I am able to go out without wearing makeup.  The results are amazing! Thank you!”


Treated with Laser Genesis for Fine Lines

“Earlier this year I made up my mind to get something done about the fine lines that I had on my forehead and around my eyes, I asked the therapists in Genesis for advice and they recommended the Laser Genesis, they explained the whole process.  Two weeks later I had my first treatment I could not believe how comfortable it was.  The result was quite subtle but after the full course of six  treatments the results were amazing.  I would certainly recommend this treatment for fine lines.  I get a top up of Genesis every four months and love it.”


Treated with Laser for Hair Removal

Since puberty I have been self-conscious about my bikini line and agonized over what to do about all the unwanted hair.  I would panic if someone suggested going for a swim spur of the moment.  I was delighted to hear Genesis was doing Laser Hair Removal.  They have not only given me a solution to this life-long problem and embarrassment, they have a beautiful, friendly and professional environment for their services making it all the better.  I cannot thank them enough and I could not recommend them enough.


“I had problems with excess hair growth since my early twenties. I tried waxing for years & years, it was painful and was always there. My confidence was low as I always felt masculine. Then Laser Genesis appeared. I tried it first on my lip & chin, WOW! Something that really works. I have had 10 sessions and I am hair free. I now feel less self conscious of my previously ‘manly growth’. My self esteem has risen greatly. I have also had 3 sessions of laser on my stomach- again with brilliant results. I have just had one session of my awful bikini line. I think this laser is addictive. It definitely made me feel feminine again- without too much discomfort. I would recommend Laser a thousand times over. The staff are great and friendly to the extent you can laugh whilst getting the treatment. Thank you girls; you have made me more confident and happy to be me. No more hiding from mirrors- especially the car mirror!!”


Treated with laser hair removal.

“I have been trying to minimize my bikini line since I was 13 years old. I’ve tried everything- shaving, plucking, waxing and creams… Nothing lasted longer than a week and then I’d be plucking my ingrown hairs. The laser treatment has been such an amazing difference from the first treatment. I had dramatic reduction and no re-growth for almost 7 weeks. I have had five treatments and each one bringing less and less hair back. I’ve waited so long to find something that would solve my hair removal problems and cure me of perceiving at the thought of going to the beach or for a swim. Thank you, thank you, thank you Genesis! You have helped me with a part of my body that has made me so self-conscious in the past, but not anymore. Can’t wait to go on holidays now! I’ll send you all postcard girls- you’re great at what yous do.”


Treated with laser for hair removal.

“I’ve tried everything from bleaching (waste of time), waxing, in my opinion never worked and it also left me in red patches. Plucking just took so long. So shaving seemed to be the only answer which had to be done every morning but with that came the 3 o’clock shadow and a red rash which I had to hide with make-up but it never looked right and I was always conscious about it. I knew it was there and I knew other people noticed it too. I’d heard about Laser treatment but I never thought I could afford it let alone if it would really work. But on the advice of the wonderful Angela I decided what I have to lose. And oh my god what a difference it made even after one treatment. I’ve now had five treatments about to have my sixth and all I can say is ‘WOW’. I feel more confident, I don’t feel as if I have to hide or be plastered in make-up. I’d advise anyone who has unwanted hair they want removed to have the laser treatment done. It dose really work!”


“My skin had become dry and dehydrated over the years due to central heating and the sun but after receiving md glycolic peels and iS Clinical fire & ice peels at Genesis Skincare Clinic, I feel my skin has rehydrated and looks much healthier and radiant, giving me a softer, younger look!· I wouldn’t be without iS Clinical products and treatments anymore, especially fire & ice Red Carpet Facial.”


“I first noticed a slight excess in hair to both sides of my chin and side of face area when I was about 18 years old.· I started using a hair removal cream which burned my skin and then, in desperation, I resorted to shaving, which made the problem worse.

After that I tried Laser which didn’t work as my hair was too light so I then started electrolysis.· My skin would be very sore, red and full of bumps but I continued going to that beautician for a further two years!

I then called into Genesis Clinic and judging from the response of one of their beauticians, I knew that the bumps and redness were not a normal reaction to treatment.· I started electrolysis with Genesis and within a few months I’d seen more of an improvement than I had with the previous beautician who used an older type of machine.

Electrolysis at Genesis Clinic has effectively changed my life, it has given me my life back and I just couldn’t thank them enough!”


Treated for Removal of Birthmark

“I have had a red mark on the left hand side of my face since birth which I had always thought about seeking advice on removal but believed it would cost thousands.  A friend recommended that I have a consultation with Mary at Genesis Laser Clinic.
After two treatments of Laser Genesis, the mark is completely gone!

I would urge anyone with a similar problem to visit Genesis.  I am delighted with the fantastic & cost effective results of my treatment.”

Thanks Genesis


Treated with MD Glycolic Peels and Laser Veins.

“I feel like I had a complete make-over with my skin, before this I would not have left the house without make-up, my skin was covered in spots due to having oily skin. I also had a lot of red facial veins, but after having a consultation with Genesis they put me on the right track with Glycolic Peels and Laser treatments. A few weeks later now, I feel great, more confident, I can go out without make-up and my skin looks good.”
Thanks Genesis.


“Thanks very much for everything and hopefully I’ll be back sooner next time!

I‘ve always been very self conscious of the broken veins on my face, even from my late teens, and rarely left the house without make up on.  I had my first treatment 8 months ago and noticed a real improvement within just a couple of days, which was well worth any minor discomfort during the treatment.  I’m now back for my second treatment to target the remaining veins on my cheeks and I’m looking forward to seeing the results….no more heavy concealer!!”         


I have been a regular client of Genesis since Feb 2010, and I can honestly say that the treatments and products I’ve been using have totally changed my skin forever. Having suffered with Rosacea (burning, red, itchy skin), and aging skin (which isn’t very glamorous), I finally realized that you don’t have to be at the mercy of Mother Nature.

After a consultation with my therapist Angela (who is brilliant by the way), I started on a course of Laser Vein treatment (which got rid of my thread veins), and then went onto Laser Genesis, which helped with Redness and fine lines, and in the space of a few short months my skin showed a noticeable difference (for the better).. My skin, which had always been susceptible to Redness, Burning, Dry Patches and Spots had completely changed and after a 6 week course of Fire and Ice Peels my skin felt and looked like silk, and a whole lot younger.

Ongoing maintenance is important and the homecare products take it one step further. I use iS Clinical Cleanser (which contains bio nutrients, antioxidants and mild exfoliants ) which leaves my skin so soft, The Proheal Serum is great for Rosacea, calms it right down, The Hydra Cool Serum which is brilliant after the Fire and Ice Peels, The White Lightening Serum  which brightens the skin, evens pigmentation and diminishes fine lines and gently exfoliates (all in one bottle!)… Lastly I use the iS Clinical Moisturizing Complex which contains vitamins and forms a protective barrier on your skin.. It really does what it claims to do.

I have never used products so superior before and would never go back to anything I used previously… My makeup goes on smoothly (Bare minerals makeup, which helps the skin so you get a double whammy)

Genesis and their products and treatments really do promote beautiful skin if you are prepared to maintain it. I finally have the skin I always wanted but never thought I could have and I’ve never looked back. It’s taken years off of me (literally)…